Dr. Mariel McKone Leonard


Dr. Mariel McKone Leonard is a postdoctoral fellow at DeZIM in the Cluster for Data, Methods, and Monitoring since October 2020. A trained survey methodologist, her main areas of research are methods of sampling hard-to-survey groups and reducing measurement error in studies of sensitive topics. Her current work for DeZIM includes an experimental comparison of sampling methods for recruitment into the DeZIM.panel. Prior to moving to Germany, Dr. Leonard worked at Westat, supporting the design and testing of surveys.

Dr. Leonard studied political science at the College of William and Mary and Georgetown University. In 2020, she received her doctorate from the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim. Her dissertation focused on measurement error in identification of honour killings worldwide. Work from her dissertation has been referenced as evidence by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in the United Kingdom.

Curriculum Vitae | Dr. Mariel McKone Leonard


Forschungscluster Daten-Methoden-Monitoring

E-Mail: mckone-leonard@dezim-institut.de


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